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Runtal Radiators

187 Neck Road, PO Box 8278
Ward Hill, MA 01835
(800) 526-2621
Company Profile: 

For years, Runtal has been the favorite among architects and designers, but today those in the green movement appreciate the other aspects of Runtal as well: durability, energy efficiency and cleanliness.

Runtal’s unique flattened tube design, combined with a rugged all welded steel construction allows for significantly increased heat transfer. In addition, a well designed Runtal system allows for a smaller boiler and pump, and usually less piping. All this adds up to a “green”, comfortable, attractive and efficient heating system for surprisingly little more than the old fashioned kind.

Runtal Radiators are made for a closed loop hot-water heating system and towel radiators are available in both hot water and self-contained electric versions. Runtal towel warmer radiators provide an attractive and versatile means for heating bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and really any room where comfort is paramount and space is limited. Whether you need to heat an entire room, add supplemental heat or just enjoy the luxury of a warm towel, Runtal towel radiators have no equal.

Towel warmers are available in over a hundred colors and a variety of designs. The Runtal Omnipanel and Heritage Omnipanel have a flat panel design; the Runtal Radia, Solea, Neptune and Versus have a round tube design. Not only does the towel radiator provide the luxurious feel of warm towels after bathing or showering, but towel radiators are also practical in that that they help reduce growth of mold and mildew and keep towels fresh between laundering. Electric towel radiators are also very energy efficient. A large towel warmer uses about half the energy of a good hairdryer.